Brand new AU 450kg 4.6m Traction Block Portable Winch Traction Hoist / Remote

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New Portable Tracking Block Electric Winch Hoist Tools 450kg / 1000lbs with Remote control
Powerful, lightweight, easy-to-use handheld electrical pulling and lifting tools with Wireless remote control, widely used in the field of mechanism, industry, agriculture, automotive and construction under 240V AC.
Capable of lifting nearly half a tonne, this Portable Electric Winch makes light work of heavy jobs. Simply anchor it and connect the load to the sturdy safety hook, and you can shift up to 1,000lbs at the press of a button. Fully portable, the machine will do the job wherever there is AC power, remote and enabling you to move loads horizontally as well as vertically. No more backbreaking lifts or dropped loads. And don't worry; should there be a power outage, the machine has automatic safety lock will bite down with Jurassic power, securing the load where it is. So keep it simple and keep it safe. Well you can add some bite to your toolbox and please order this traction block now!




Portable electric hoist is engineered to put amazing control at your fingertips and features a speed trigger that lets you pull 1000LBS with smooth and precise movements.
It lets you go into forward or reverse with the flick of a button taking the labor out of laborious jobs. 
Portable electric hoist is a powerful ,lightweight ,easy-to -use hand held electric tool that is equipped with a strong motor and variable speed control
 that allows you to move heavy items into place with minimum effort.It will help get the job done easier,faster,and with less manual labor.
It is ideal for construction,pipe fitting,ironwork,,equipment and plant maintenance,farm and ranch use,auto shops, garages,machine shops,home improvement,hunting,camping and more.
Brand New Electric Portable Winch Hoist 4.6M Rope 240V 450 kg 1000Ibs w/ Remote


  • 4.6m Wire
  • AC-Powered
  • CE Certification
  • Auto-Safety Lock
  • Load Indicator Display
  • Current Overload Protection
  • 1,000lbs/ 455kg Lifting Capability
  • Anodized Safety Hook & Anchor Shackle
  • Radio Remote Control For Safety & Convenience
  • Fairlead For Smooth Traction And No Fraying Of Wire
  • NOTE: Motor Requires A 5 Min Cool Down Period Following Each 15 Min Use


Brand:                                                   WINQ



Max Pulling Capacity:


Wire Rope Diameter:


Wire Cable :


Power Source:

220-240V 50/60Hz

Max. Power Input:


Rated Power:


Rope speed

5m/ min

Package Weight:

8.2kg approx.

12 month warranty

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