WINQ WLQ-05 1000lb Portable 24v Battery Powered Lifting Pulling Winch

Product Code: WLQ-05
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Price: $469.90



The unique design makes it perfect for use in both horizontal and vertical applications, such as hoisting beams, pipes or engines into place,

 pulling down / out foliage, dragging heavy items and even utility use with trailers and sports vehicles.

Perfect lifting pulling tool for DIYers and tradesmen. When work takes you to more remote locations,

 it becomes tough co-workers to help you quickly and effortlessly complete tasks from pulling pipe to stretching wire fence.


Lightweight and easy to use

Fitted with load indicator display

Supplied with 2x 24V Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

Lifting capacity: 100kg

Pulling capacity: 400kg

Speed: 5mtrs/min

Rope diameter: 5.8mm

Rope length: 4.6mtr

Battery charging time: approx 2-3hrs

Supplied with battery charging unit

Product Weight: 8.2kg

                      Rechargeable Battery, runs up to 15 minutes on a single charge
                                                                                  12 month warranty

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